Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Replacement windows are not the same as new windows. New windows are ones that you choose when you want to change the size and possibly placement of your windows openings; replacement windows are windows that you put in the place of old ones that are removed, without making any modification to the windows opening. Replacement windows are less expensive than a new ones.

The essential window styles are single or double hung windows, casement windows which swing open, awning windows which open by tilting the window out from the bottom, and slider replacement windows. Single and double hung replacement windows are the usual choice. At Wonderful Windows of Houston, we offer all these types of replacement windows Architectural Glass

An awning window is typically a good choice for bathrooms but not for other rooms, unless the house is located on or near a shore  Glass Fence

Double hung replacement windows are good for ventilation in all seasons, as their top sash can be easily lowered Glass Pool

Wood windows are beautiful, and when properly maintained, can withstand both the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. That said, when you consider getting replacement windows from Wonderful Windows we will make sure to inform you of the high cost of maintaining wood windows, you should consider this when deciding Glass Railing

Vinyl replacement windows look well, offer good insulation, and are relatively easy to manage. Also, the frame of vinyl windows is considerably lighter than that of wood windows. More and more of our customers are choosing vinyl windows Glass Swimming Pool Fence


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