Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Insulated Glass Overview - Energy-Efficient Glass Products

Insulated glass is used to improve energy-efficiency to reduce heat loss and temperature transfers across panes of glass. Use of insulated glass products has significantly grown in popularity during the past few years for residential and commercial property owners seeking to reduce the cost of their gas and electric bills.
How Does Insulated Glass Work?

Insulated glass is manufactured by using the following components:

Tinted Glass
Usually clear glass is used in insulated units to provide unimpeded views. However, tinted glass can be used to reduce the transfer of heat from the sun, and provide some privacy. Tinted glass is ideal for use in motor vehicles and typically come in bronze, green, and grey tones.

Coated Glass
Heat and sound insulation can be improved by adding a coating of polyester or metal-based material. The coat of film can reduce fading of fabrics in the home or place of business, while also improving safety in case of breakage.


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