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Valiant Glass has been supplying quality glass products and services throughout Sydney for over 35 years. As a glass specialist we stock a wide range of glass types that are stored in our modern warehouse, which are used to manufacture a variety of glass products. The ready supply of various glass types enables our staff to provide prompt glass and glazing services to your total satisfaction for any application.

Glass Repairs

In most cases glass panels in buildings are unable to be repaired and therefore must be replaced with new glass. We have built a reputation as a market leader in the Sydney glass repair industry by offering a reliable service for homeowners and large corporate clients. Same day service and fast turnaround times guarantee your glass repairs are carried out with the minimum of fuss.

Our services include

Glass Replacement

Our comprehensive range of glass combined with our fleet of special glass carrying vehicles allows us to provide a fast and efficient glass replacement service. We provide a highly responsive service that caters for the emergency replacement needs of our clients ensuring safety and security for your premises. Common glass replacement services include window replacement, glass door replacement, shopfront glass replacement and many other types of glass found in homes or businesses.

Our services include

Glass Installation

Our glass installations comply with the strict requirements of the Australian Standard AS1288 and are carried out by highly trained qualified glaziers. The main types of glass installations performed by our staff include commercial and domestic glazing, bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, splashbacks, shower screens and balustrades. In general our staff can install any glass required for your new or renovated premises.

Our services include

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Exterior Doors
When you are building yourself a new home and exterior doors are then required to be installed, it is very important that you entrust in the experts. A properly installed exterior door can last you decades at a time, whereas a poorly installed door will do the opposite in possibly needing replacement or repair after just one winter! Indeed, very sad and a waste of money if the job could have been done nicely in the first place. Ultimately, an exterior door serves a variety of different purposes including controlling the amount of natural light that comes into your home; added help in sealing your house and regulating the temperature in your home, providing maximum security to the residents of the dwelling, and adding a beautiful doorway to your home. There are multiple styles that can drastically change the look of your home. A doorway is the first impression you can make on a visitor. With accent touches, unique windows, specialty door knockers and more, you can create a beautiful dream entrance way that will drop the jaws of a passerby as well as welcome others into your home for many years Sliding Glass Doors

Though, it is unfortunate. Deciding on the wrong materials or entrusting your exterior door insulation with an amateur carpenter could have major and permanent downfalls. Drastic conditions such as warping, rotting and sealing problems of your door are amongst the main ones. Properly installed exterior doors can drastically compromise the front of your home- both satisfying you visually with a gorgeous style, and with results you can feel through the saving of heat and the saving of money.
Whereas poorly installed doors that are warped and such will disallow the entry and exit ways to properly close, thus putting your safety and the safety of the residents in jeopardy, as well as allowing the heat from your home to escape Installation Safety Glass

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Airy and Open Aesthetic
Except for in the case of certain types of businesses, office buildings without walls can often be impractical. Fortunately, you can achieve the same type of holistic and unified workplace environment with glass office partitions. Glass walls represent transparency and openness, and they provide the workplace with a modern aesthetic that appeals to clients who are focused on the future. This type of office design allows natural light to spread through multiple rooms from a single source, which can even lower your energy bills by reducing the need for additional lighting. If you want to portray freedom, creativity, and transparency in your workplace, glass office wall partitions may be the way to go Architectural Glass

Enhanced Communication and Comfort
The prospect of having a door shut in your face comes across much differently when you can see through the door; at the same time, a person is less likely to slam a door shut when it provides no visual boundary. Glass walls offer an enhanced sense of connection and community among members of the workplace. Employees may be more comfortable knowing what is on the other side of a door they are about to knock on, and colleagues can freely exchange ideas on the go. In these ways, breaking down visual boundaries may lead to increased production Glass Window Security

Long Working Life
As long as you keep them clean, your glass office wall partitions will enjoy a lengthy working life. Glass is not something that will go out of style, so you will not have to worry about changing up your wallpaper or design every few years. Glass walls are also durable, making them a permanent fixture of the office  Glass Fence

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Replacement windows are not the same as new windows. New windows are ones that you choose when you want to change the size and possibly placement of your windows openings; replacement windows are windows that you put in the place of old ones that are removed, without making any modification to the windows opening. Replacement windows are less expensive than a new ones.

The essential window styles are single or double hung windows, casement windows which swing open, awning windows which open by tilting the window out from the bottom, and slider replacement windows. Single and double hung replacement windows are the usual choice. At Wonderful Windows of Houston, we offer all these types of replacement windows Architectural Glass

An awning window is typically a good choice for bathrooms but not for other rooms, unless the house is located on or near a shore  Glass Fence

Double hung replacement windows are good for ventilation in all seasons, as their top sash can be easily lowered Glass Pool

Wood windows are beautiful, and when properly maintained, can withstand both the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. That said, when you consider getting replacement windows from Wonderful Windows we will make sure to inform you of the high cost of maintaining wood windows, you should consider this when deciding Glass Railing

Vinyl replacement windows look well, offer good insulation, and are relatively easy to manage. Also, the frame of vinyl windows is considerably lighter than that of wood windows. More and more of our customers are choosing vinyl windows Glass Swimming Pool Fence

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Laminated Glass

Clear Glass Solutions can laminate glass up to 12 meters long by 3.3 meters wide
Laminated Glass is two or more sheets of glass bonded together by a single or multiple interlayer’s to produce a desired outcome. The benefits of laminated glass are plentiful ranging from strength and safety under impact, through to custom colors, custom designs and energy Architectural Glass

Clear Glass Solutions offer laminated glass in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and sizes. We cut, shape, drill and bend laminated glass to your custom requirements. Our processing is performed on CNC machines ensuring that the finished product is exactly what you have ordered Glass Fence

We can laminate many of our glass types including combination’s of glass types giving you the energy efficiency; glass performance and aesthetic that you need to make your next project special. Triple laminated glass is also available and is often used on stairs, Pool ends and Aquariums, glass facades, glass floors Glass Pool
Laminated glass can be supplied in our Insulated Glass Units which can also be bent for curved glass applications.

Our PVB and EVA interlayer’s are supplied by leading manufacturers such as Du Pont, Solutia and Saflex and include the Vanceva range of colors, the RAL and Pantone standard colors.
SGP Sentryglass from Dupont is a hurricane rated interlayer that has 5 times the strength of normal inter-layers Glass Window Security

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Replacement Window Styles

When ordering replacement windows safety glass ny, you have plenty of options to consider. Window replacement is a great way to change the look of your home. The classic double hung windows can get boring, so think about bay windows to open up the room to the outdoors or put in a garden windows to let light in. Think about the time you want to invest in both the time of installation and the maintenance of your replacement windows in Denver. You will have to paint your portals many times during its life unless you use a vinyl window. These windows do not rust or peel because the color is the material. Vinyl is the easiest replacement glass when it comes to maintenance that you can get from a Denver windows company.

When it comes to energy-efficiency, there are many high-tech options you can choose from to better the thermodynamics of your home. Window laminates can decrease heat transfer. Windows may be certified for certain government efficiency specifications like Energy Star standards. Some things you can do to check if it is time to visit a Denver replacement windows safety glass ny company. You can get someone to stand outside in the dark and shine a flashlight around the window edge. If you see light come through then that is a seal failure and source of energy loss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glass Window Security 

Glass window security is very important for any house as windows are the first place which is targeted by the burglars for getting inside the house. And having good glass window security will ensure that not only your house is saved from being burgled or robbed but it also would attract attention which would be helpful in getting hold of the burglar. Having good quality glass window security installed at different and important parts of the house would be a very good way to go about this problem. We would, in this article, look at the types of glass window security which is used by house owners and that which helps them in keeping the burglars at bay.

Laminated glass is one of the most popular glass window security options that are available in the market nowadays. This type is basically made of vinyl or plastic inner layers which are basically kind of sandwiched or situated between couple of layers of glass. And this combination as a result adds more strength and toughness to this kind of glass window security. This toughness can be proved when a burglar without knowing that it is made of laminated glass tries to break up the glass security window and ends up on the losing side. If the burglar really wants to get into the house breaking such kind of laminated barrier, then he would have to make multiple strikes at the same spot to get some kind of an opening. But by the time he makes that opening, the whole neighborhood would have been woken up listening to the huge banging noise made by the burglar. And this is one reason why most of the burglars avoid such kind of windows to ensure that they are not caught while making an attempt to burgle the house.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How Laminated Glass Is Created

Laminated glass is probably the most significant safety development in the auto industry since the seatbelt. It prevents more injuries than seatbelts each year. Laminated glass is used in a variety of industries around the world, but the most well-known is the auto industry. Laminated glass is used in windshields primarily because it is nearly impossible to break into shards or splinters, thus keeping the driver and passengers safe from flying shards of glass.

Structurally, there are three layers required to make laminated glass. There are two sheets of everyday glass, just like window glass, and the third layer, which is sandwiched between the two layers of glass, is a substrate which adheres to the glass. Both pieces of glass must be cut to the proper size, then be perfectly clean, free of any dust or debris. Dust or debris of any kind will compromise the integrity of the laminated glass, causing it to break, or even impairing the view of the driver when it is used in a windshield. There are often many more layers of glass and substrate used in applications other than the automobile windshield.

Only after the two pieces of glass are perfectly clean is the substrate heat-bonded to them. A substrate is a type of plastic, known as Polyvinyl Butyral, or PVB. There are two less well-known types of substrate used in the manufacture of laminated glass, Polyurethane and Ethylene Vinyl. The first substrates used to create safety glass were cellulose based, and darkened in the sun, thus impairing the driver's vision. There have been many attempts to use liquid substrates, but the cost of using chemicals to harden them or exposing them to UV light is very expensive, and is currently not a solution for use in the auto industry due to its cost-prohibitive expense.

Substrates must be applied to the glass in a climate-controlled environment. Temperature and humidity play a large role in whether the substrate adheres to the glass. Amazingly, the substrate is applied by hand, one of the few jobs in the auto industry that are less mechanized. The substrate is glued to the bottom sheet of glass, and then the top layer of glass is laid on the substrate and the bottom layer of glass, making a sort of sandwich. Any excess substrate is then trimmed off the glass around the edges. In order to make the clearest and safest windshield possible, the auto industry requires only three layers to a windshield, the two layers of glass and one layer of substrate. Other industries require more layers of glass and substrate.